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Porky is a geo-social discovery and matching platform for Harley-Davidson riders to meet and ride.

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How It Works

Step 1


Register as a rider.

Step 2


Find local Harley-Davidson riders.

Step 3


Meet local Harley-Davidson riders.

Step 4


Ride with local Harley-Davidson riders for local rides hosted on Porky.

Step 5

Create Rides.

Pay it forward and create your own rides for local Harley-Davidson riders to join your tribe.

Why join Porky?

Porky is a web app developed by a small team of passionate Harley-Davidson riders who are putting their money where their mouth is to disrupt the status quo and create a new way for Harley-Davidson riders to connect with each other.

Porky is a tribe · Porky is a community · Porky is a network.

Porky's sole purpose is to provide a simple, quick, and free platform for Harley-Davidson riders to "find, meet, and ride" with their own local Harley-Davidson tribe.

Join Us.

Find your tribe.

We're on a mission to make finding, meeting, and riding with other Harley-Davidson riders easier.

Life is short, let's meet and ride.

Rider features



Porky lets you quickly and easily discover Harley-Davidson riders in your local area using a simple adjustable search filter to find new Harley-Davidson riding friends.



Porky creates opportunities for you to meet local Harley-Davidson riders you've just found.



Porky's purpose is to get you off your device and onto your Harley-Davidson. Porky is all about finding, meeting, and riding our Harley-Davidsons. Join local rides hosted on Porky.

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About Us

Porky is the direct result of our founding team's growing frustration with the lack of innovation and organisational obsolescence in our legacy Harley-Davidson social communities.

The world is changing at high velocity, and its accelerating.

We live in a post-smartphone and post-internet world, but our Harley-Davidson communities are failing to adapt to change.

"Hub & spoke" organisational models have given way to distributed networks.

Our local, regional, national, and international Harley-Davidson tribes are networks and its time for us to integrate proven technology into how we "find, meet, ride" and build our Harley-Davidson tribes.

So we decided to put our money where our mouth is to solve this problem.

We are building Porky to make finding, meeting, and riding with each other "better, faster, cheaper."

Join us. Find us. Ride with us.

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